Ammarnäs Wärdshus / Accommodation / Restaurant

Welcome to Ammarnäs, where the road begins. With us you find good food, accommodation, stunning beauty and really great experiences. Ammarnäs Wärdshus is your perfect base for adventures in the Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve. Let us get you started!


The rooms
At Ammarnäs Wärdshus you can choose to stay with the level of service you prefer. Ranging from a hostel style bed to newly renovated hotel rooms with toilet and shower en suite and full board. In the yard is our fine cabin Lokatten (the Lynx), perfect for the family or smaller corporate groups. Read more about Lokatten here. We also provide other cabins in Ammarnäs, see more in our online booking system. We offer tailored packages where meals and activities are included or you may simply book your accommodation online with VISA or Mastercard.


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The restaurant
Our restaurant is a classic stop for every Kungsleden hiker, and for everyone that is in Ammarnäs enjoying the marvellous fly fishing. Here you blend with people from all over the world, sharing meals, drinks, experiences and good laughs. All wines are selected to go with the current menu and the game meat is delivered by Anders Skum at Fjällvilt in Ammarnäs.  Local produce is crucial for us since sustainability is central in our business model. 


We can set you up with a range of exciting experiences such as trekking, cycling, aurora borealis watching, skiing (downhill and cross country), boat trips, bird watching or riding. See website Björk Experience. We are also specialists in flyfishing tours, if this is your passion please visit the website FishYourDream.

Welcome to Ammarnäs!